Cancer Prevention and Screening

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There is no greater luxury than peace of mind. You just can't put a price on less worry. So with all the increase in chronic disease we are seeing, ESPECIALLY cancers, wouldn't it be nice to feel a little sense of security that you won't be blindsided? Well, that is actually possible now, thanks to new technology and pioneering research labs.

Now there is a blood test that is about 91% sensitive to detect circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream even before a tumor is detectable on an MRI or CT scan. In fact, tumors have to be around half a centimeter for imaging technology to reliably find them. By that time you are looking at millions and millions of cells. Many of our clients are adding this blood test to their yearly preventative regimen to make sure they are on top of their health.

The lab I use is in Greece, and I like the idea of using technology that is outside the "medical industrial complex" here in the US. This particular lab is also more sensitive than US based cancer screening labs, AND if by chance we do find cancer cells, we then have a whole panel of follow up testing and a protocol to follow-whether the client favors an alternative approach or allopathic treatment.

What's brand new, on top of all this, is that there is now an even EARLIER screen available! Because the immune system changes even before you find tumor cells, we can test the immune system to see who is becoming a set up to manifest cancer. Then we can really "turn the boat" early and give that client the chance to stay out of trouble. Sometimes this is the wake up call needed to re evaluate stress, diet, alcohol use, sleep, and so on. What a gift to be given this chance! (What's more, these tests are a good value at around $1000.)


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