Meet Dr. Eversull

Living your best life is about feeling good—inside and out—and I’m here to provide the care you need to make that a reality.

You and I begin with an in-depth initial appointment. Then I develop a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on getting to the root cause of your health concerns. Patients tell me this is what sets me apart—I fight to solve medical issues, not simply treat symptoms.

I believe your health is too important to be dictated by an arbitrary approval process. It’s why my practice doesn’t rely on insurance. Because together, you and I are the experts when it comes to you living your healthiest life.

Personalized Care

I practice integrative medicine with specialized plans, treatments and therapies based on your individual health needs. 

Integrative Medicine

Preventative health and proactive care that gets to the root cause of your medical issues.


Specialized Plans

Personalized, comprehensive health plans for you based on my medical evaluations. 


Therapies & Treatments

Exclusive, extensive, rigorously researched medical protocols, tests, supplements, and more.


I’ve never known a physician as intuitive and talented as Dr. Eversull. She basically unzips a person to see what’s blocking them from good health. I’ve overcome significant health challenges with her help!
Rockwall TX
Dr. Eversull saved my life. She was the first doctor that actually addressed the root cause of my problems.
Tulsa OK
Dr. Eversull was the first to dig into my symptoms. She listened and her treatments addressed my sickness layer by layer. I have my life back.
Dallas TX
I’m 54 and if I’m not on a plane or in a business meeting, I’m at the golf course. Last year, I hurt my back so badly I was convinced I’d never play again. Angry and depressed, I sought Dr. Eversull’s help. Now I play 2-3 times a week and practice every day.
Frisco TX

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is for individuals who value their health and don’t have time for waiting rooms. They want the convenience of premium, personalized healthcare when and where they need it—online or in my office. 

This level of care can only be offered to a limited number of patients, so select your plan now.


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