Exosomes vs. Stem Cells

A lot of clients have heard about exosomes and that they may help with pain, autoimmune problems, hair loss and so on. Almost all of them ask me “What ARE exosomes and how could they work for so many different issues?” GREAT question! Simply put, exosomes are microscopic “packets” about the size of one of your LDL cholesterol particles. They are excreted by stem cells, surrounded by a lipid membrane, and carry signaling molecules. They act as sort of chaperones or support entities to the stem cells and signal repair and rejuvenation of tissues, as well as modify inflammation.

Exosomes are particularly advantageous for a few reasons. Because you can “manufacture” them via stem cells (by applying a stress), they are pound for pound less expensive than stem cells yet work in similar fashion. Also, because the exosomes are so much smaller than stem cells, you can aerosolize them and inhale them to help with lung disease directly. Also you can inhale them nasally to potentially assist with brain issues, such as stroke or concussion.

Of course, exosomes can be injected directly into tissues, and one of my favorite features is that clients report improvements in pain sometimes within an hour or two. (Which is why I will often inject Exosomes and stem cells together.) Exosomes are so versatile and cost effective that this has replaced the use of PRP in my practice. The science and our experience with these little miracle packets is evolving - but as you can see, this is a very exciting area!


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