This is one of my very favorite tools because it is relatively inexpensive and noninvasive. It is a treatment that is based on the premise that most of the symptoms that we feel for almost any disease is because of what our IMMUNE SYSTEM is doing. As an example, we think that if we get the flu, the reason we feel so bad is that the virus is just “eating us” and it hurts. (A childlike description, but not too far off, right?) Well, it’s not exactly like that. The terrible aches and pains and fever is due to our immune system’s perception of the virus and then that RESPONSE. This is why so often, steroids make us feel better. The steroids tamp down that immune reaction.

So take our analogy above and now apply that to arthritis. (Again steroids usually feel pretty great in this situation..) Well, all of us are colonized with all manner of bacteria, viruses, fungus, and so on. What if our immune system was really irritated at one of these microbes (let’s say a fungus) on an ongoing basis? And what if the particle or protein on said microbe STRONGLY resembled a protein found in your cartilage tissue.. Then your immune reaction to the microbe would CROSS over and affect your own joint tissue. This is the concept of “Immune Mimicry” and where Low Dose Immune Therapy comes in.
In this case, we would use an ultradilute solution from Fungus, and administer that under the tongue. The immune system sees this and then understands this fungus has been around for a long time in our microbiome, and is not that big of a deal. So it starts to settle down, and so do the joints. No drugs, no other treatment. It sounds too good to be true, I know. But it IS real and it DOES work - all the time, for all sorts of issues: Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue, Psoriasis, Eczema, Allergies, Lupus, and MANY more.

But there is a trade off: there are many different DOSES for any particular issue, and our job is to find YOUR perfect dose. So it does take some patience, some body awareness, and great communication between provider and patient. Meaning, we administer a dose and then review how you feel for the next few days. If nothing changes, we increase the dose. We keep doing this until you benefit.


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