What you need to know about Hypnotherapy

Most of us have heard of hypnosis, but not many have actually BEEN hypnotized. So it can seem a little creepy or scary. You may feel like you don’t want to “lose control” or do something embarrassing.. which its totally understandable. We see the acts in Las Vegas and think- “Oh no, not me!!” Well there is a BIG difference between stage hypnosis for entertainment and therapeutic hypnosis which helps you with a specific problem. In hypnotherapy you are just brought down into a state of relaxation.. which is a totally natural state that we all go in and out of every day. Daydreaming..that’s a hypnotic state. So are the times when you don’t remember driving to work. So in a session, you definitely won’t make a fool of yourself, and you are never out of control.

Therapeutic hypnosis aka Hypnotherapy is incredibly useful and efficient in helping people with issues like anxiety, depression, addictions, self confidence, test taking and even physical complaints such as pain, headaches, autoimmune diseases and more. Almost any issue can be helped with hypnotherapy! What is especially fantastic is that issues that have not been resolved with even YEARS of counseling or psychotherapy can be dealt with quickly and permanently. The reason is that hypnosis deals with the SUBCONSCIOUS mind. And the subconscious is in control of 90-95% of our decision making, thought processes, and behavior. The conscious mind (which psychotherapy works with) only THINKS it’s in control.
Just last week, I helped a lady who had alienated herself her whole life. Although she is a very successful business woman, she made no close friends and never married..At 55 years old, she had been eating dinner alone in her kitchen well, forever. In one 40 minute session, she had a breakthrough and realized that due to fears from her childhood, she had been pushing people away to remain “safe.” She realized that she did not need to carry any of her childhood beliefs any more. She changed in realtime..her body posture and mannerisms, her voice, and her face- all softened and relaxed. She let go and shed joyful tears. Her plan is to embrace vulnerability and finally let people get close to her. WHAT a moving and gratifying experience!


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