Specialized Plans

When you come to Lionheart, I dig into anything and everything that could be affecting your health. From existing symptoms to family medical history, physical injuries to environmental conditions, and age-related concerns to your health goals. Then I develop a personalized plan based on my medical evaluation.

Many patients have specific medical issues they want me to focus on, which is why I’ve created these specialized plans.


    Ageless beauty

    Receive a personalized plan of natural therapies and treatments—such as detox protocols, IV therapies, natural hormone replacement and aesthetic facial injections—designed to rejuvenate you and your body.

    Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

    Receive an assessment of your current medications, with a recommendation for supportive nutrition and products to produce better results and fewer side effects.


    Receive stem cell therapy to reduce pain, improve mobility and promote a sense of well-being—as well as a diet specific to your needs with natural anti-inflammatories and homeopathic supplements. 


    Receive a test for tumor stem cells in your bloodstream. Many times I can see—and we can address—a problem before it develops into cancer.

    Cardiovascular conditions

    Receive a comprehensive cardio control evaluation and personalized protocol to avoid risk.

    Chronic infections

    Receive supportive oligonucleotide therapy (SOT) for Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr, Herpes Simplex Virus, and other recurring infections.

    Chronic pain 

    Receive Ketamine IV therapy and natural anti-inflammatories—and a targeted anti-inflammatory diet—to reduce chronic pain. 

    COVID and long COVID

    Receive a compound specially formulated by Dr. Eversull to help prevent COVID and reduce the long-term effects of the coronavirus. 

    GI issues

    Receive herbs, supplements and a diet plan to prevent bloating, nausea, pain and embarrassment. 

    Injury recovery 

    Receive a combination of treatments—such as stem cell therapy, prolotherapy and cold laser—to treat injuries and return to your active lifestyle. 

    Perimenopause and menopause

    Receive a comprehensive program of supplements and treatments—such as natural hormone replacement, IV nutrient therapies, and energetic treatments—so you can regain your energy and your life. 


    Learn how to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and protect your baby for a safe delivery.

    Psychoemotional issues

    Receive treatment that goes directly to the subconscious level and peels off layers of trauma—because your body-mind connection is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

    Thyroid disorders

    Receive a comprehensive report of your thyroid—and learn how to optimize levels to maximize its performance. 

    Toxic exposure

    Receive a personalized program based on the toxins in your body, including mold, heavy metals, plastics, herbicides, pesticides and more.

    Weight issues

    Receive a personal plan to unlock your body’s potential and shed stubborn fat, including an aggressive whole-body detox to free up your body’s metabolism and decrease inflammation. 


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