More comprehensive.
More convenient.
More Dr. Eversull.

To perform your best, you have to feel your best.
And it’s best to take proactive measures to retain your health,
because that’s much easier than having to gain it back.
It’s one of the reasons I offer concierge medicine.
These plans are built around the way you live and work.
Your time is valuable and you won’t be kept waiting.
You’ll get the personalized healthcare you deserve
when and where you need it—whether it’s in my office or online.
Your health and wellness are the number one priority of me and my team.
Concierge Plans
Due to the premium level of care provided, concierge medicine is offered to a limited number of patients. Lionheart recommends that you apply without delay to secure your preferred plan.
If patients do not elect to do the concierge program, then absolutely nothing changes regarding their current care. No need to worry.

Concierge Plans

Platinum Select

What's included
  • 5 hours of consultation
  • Premier scheduling: within 48 hours
  • The Platinum Select patient’s referrals of friends or family go to front of the waitlist
  • 6 IVs as recommended (optimal is 3-4 IVs the first 2 months, then 1 per quarter as maintenance)
  • Access to the best providers in Dallas (massage therapists, chiropractors, trainers, PTs and MDs)
  • Nutrition audit and plan with nutritionist and health coach, with follow ups as needed
  • 2 full-body biofeedback sessions: regulates the nervous system and relaxes the body
  • Unlimited use of devices: Bemer, Nano VI, and Hocatt ℹ️
  • Head and multi organ/torso screening (MRI): noninvasive imaging ℹ️
  • 4 weeks rental of hyperbaric chamber for home use ℹ️
  • Unlimited B12 injections, MIC (skinny shot) injections and NAD injections
  • After-hours access for calls/questions/emergency
  • Packaging supplies or products for home/travel
First of the year labs:
  • IGL epigenetics test: blood test ℹ️
  • RGCC cancer screening: blood test ℹ️
  • Cleveland heart lab telomere/inflammation: blood test ℹ️
  • Hormone and inflammation panel: blood, saliva and urine test, depending on age and sex of patient ℹ️
  • Spectracell micronutrient: blood test ℹ️
  • Fatty acid test: blood test ℹ️
  • Mineral metabolism test: blood and urine test ℹ️
  • Salivary microbiome: saliva test ℹ️
  • Gut microbiome and parasite: 2 stool tests ℹ️
  • Coronary artery calcium score: CT of the heart ℹ️
  • EKG: electrocardiogram ℹ️
  • Iridology: camera scan ℹ️
Midyear labs:
  • Repeat hormones: any serum lab out of the norm  
  • Follow-up mineral metabolism    


What's included
  • Up to 4 hours of consultation
  • Any clients you refer will be seen within 2-3 weeks
  • Premier scheduling: within 1 week
  • Access to premier healthcare providers in Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Nutrition audit and tips for optimization 
  • Unlimited use of Bemer and Nano Vi
  • 6 Hocatt sessions
  • After-hours emergency line: up to 5 calls per year 
First of the year labs:
  • IGL      
  • RGCC screening      
  • Hormone panel  
  • Fatty acid test   
  • Mineral metabolism test   
  • Salivary microbiome
Midyear labs:
  • Hormone, lipid, inflammation panel  


What's included
  • Premier scheduling: within 1 week
  • Access to premier healthcare providers in Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Nutrition audit: 2 days of meals and tips for optimization 
  • After-hours emergency line: up to 3 calls per year


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