Integrative Medicine

My number one priority is your health and vitality. It’s why I practice preventative care and integrative medicine. I’m proactive and do all I can to keep you well. But if you’re struggling with a medical issue, I work until we get to its root cause. Then I go at it with everything I’ve got.

Medical treatments. IV therapies. Stem cell therapy. Homeopathics. Herbal supplements. Personalized diets. Detox protocols. Natural hormone replacement.

Whatever it takes to restore your good health.

People ask why my practice doesn’t accept insurance. The answer is: My patients.

You deserve more than the 15-minute appointments approved by insurance companies—and you shouldn’t have to wait 30 days for prior approvals.

Unlock the potential of integrative medicine for a healthier you!

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    Your health is your future and it should be determined by a team that’s on your side and at your side.



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